James Heal Consumables


James Heal manufacture testing consumables in the UK where they have facilities for warping, weaving, inspection, cutting, stamping and sewing as well as for physical, colour fastness and chemical testing. See below for a selection of James Heal test materials but please contact us if you have any queries or requirements as this is just a small selection of consumables.


Blue Wool Standards

For light fastness testing

Blue wools are available in pieces or attached to card depending on your preferences. All batches are tested prior to despatch to ensure they are compliant.  We supply European Blue Wool Standards (from DEK) and American Blue Wool Standards (from AATCC). 



Crocking Cloth/Cotton Lawn 

For dry and wet rubbing tests

Crocking cloth, also called cotton lawn, is used in a Crockmeter, which is used to test colour fastness to rubbing. The specimen is rubbed against the crocking cloth and then the level of colour transfer is assessed. We can supply crocking cloth by the metre or in cut pieces. We provide European (ISO) and American (AATCC) crocking cloths, which are different and are not interchangeable so please check which you require check prior to ordering.






For colour fastness and shrinkage tests

We supply a range of detergents and soaps used in colour fastness and shrinkage tests. We offer detergents that comply with European, American and International test methods. Our soaps and detergents are packaged in 2Kg plastic containers or fibre drums (15Kg or 90Kg) depending on your testing needs.



Grey Scales

For assessing colour change and staining

We offer both types of grey scale (colour change and staining). Our grey scales comply with ISO 105-A02 and ISO 105-A03 and we can also supply American and Japanese versions if required.





For making up the load in washing and drying tests

Makeweights, also known as ballast or loading fabrics are used when doing washing, dry cleaning, drying or durability tests. We supply makeweights that comply with ISO standards as well as American makeweights that comply with AATCC test methods.



Martindale Test Consumables

For Martindale  abrasion and pilling tests

James Heal manufacture test instrumentand test materials so they appreciate the critical relationship between instruments and test materials.  In the Purpose-built Test Materialscentre, they exercise particular care and diligence to ensure that you receive totallycomplaint test materials for your Martindale Tester.



Multifibre DW

For colour fastness testing

We supply Multifibre that complies with ISO standards and European standards as well as many retailers' test methods. We also supply American multifibers required for a range of AATCC colour fastness test methods.



Phenolic Yellowing

To predict yellowing in transit or storage

James Heal's phenolic yellowing test kit satisfies the stringent requirements specified in ISO 105-X18. It is also approved by many retailers such as Marks & Spencer and Next.





Photographic Standards

To aid visual assessment

Photographic standards are widely used to assess surface change following a test such as a pilling and abrasion test. We offer a wide range of reference photographs and we can supply AATCC and ASTM standard photographs and replicas.



Pilling/Snagging Materials

To complement existing instruments

We offer a range of pilling and snagging test consumables to complement your testing instruments. Commonly used materials include cork liners, pilling tubes, liners, ramps, locking rings and snagging bars, however this is just a sample of the products that we offer.