New Mace Snag Tester - ProMace and the ProView Assemssment Cabinet


James Heal launched ProMace, a mace snag tester which is the safest, most efficient, accurate and repeatable instrument of its type available in the market.  ProMace, which is used to repidly determine the snagging resistance of fabrics, such as robust apparel and home furnishing fabrics, is designed with a vertical 2 x 2 configuration giving it a significantly smaller footprint in comparison with other mace snag testers which represents a saving of over 50% of valuable laboratory bench space.

The design of the ProMace enables the four sample holder cylinders to be removed - a tool-free operation. This ensures the fitting of the felt sleeves is extremely easy and aids the mounting of samples. Having removable cylinders is also beneficial for the drying of felt sleeves, a process which can be accelerated by placing the rollers in a drying oven. As the felt is not dried on the instrument the potential for increased laboratory through-put is obtainable. Extra sets of cylinders can also be purchased from the company to enable heavy duty users to further improve the efficiency of the testing process by having a second set of cylinders ready for the next test.

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