Universal Strength Tester



  Titan5 (Increased Strength Capacity)

Up to 500 Kgs (5kN)

This increase in capacity, in conjunction with the existing and new enhanced range of tooling, intuitive software and automated processes,

gives laboratories the potential to significantly increase the number and scope of test offered.

With this instrument laboratories will be able to comply with more Standards and Perform a wider array of tests on a wider range of product types;

including textiles, paper, plastics and rubber as well as various other materials.

Fabric Test

Seam Slippage Test

Hank (Lea) Strength Test

Ball Burst (Compression)

Security of Attachment

Stud Strength

Button Test

OctoGrip - for small attachment

Titan tooling

A wide range of tooling and grips complement the Titan Strength Tester allowing the operator to undertake a range of test methods including international and retailer specific standards.

Test methods include yarn and fabric tests, tear strength, stretch and recovery, security of attachments and many more. Please contact us if you would like to check on a test method.




TestWise Analysis Software

Numerous features of the softward make the testing process easier, increase laboratory efficiencies and result accuracy.  A library of pre-loaded standards and test methods are easily located through the 'Filter' option.  Standards used regularly can be saved in 'Favourites' for instant access and the Standards Editor enables user-defined Standards to be created.

The software also transfers the parameters of the selected Standard to the Titan for automatic set-up, ready for samples to be loaded, eliminating the risk of human error to give the test total conformance.


The Titan Strength Tester complies with many international standards and retailers' test methods and this list is constantly expanding with over 300 currently included.  Please contact us if you have any queries or need any help in relation to test methods for Titan.