Wascator - standardised washing machine





Standardised European washing machine

The Wascator is universally regarded as the standard washing machine tester for textile laboratories. Typically used to assess appearance after washing and shrinkage, Wascator complies with European standards as well as various retailers' test methods. Wascator complements Accudry, the standardardised tumble dryer from James Heal. 


EN EN ISO  ISO  Marks & Spencer Next Other
EN 26330:1993 EN ISO 6330:2000 ISO 6330:1984 M&S C58 Next 7 IEC 60456
  EN ISO 6330:2012   M&S P1 Next 7A
M&S P1A Next 7B
M&S P1B Next 9
M&S P1C Next 10
M&S P3A Next 11
M&S P4 Next 12
M&S P4A Next 24
M&S P4B Next 30
M&S P4C Next 34
M&S P5A Next 36A
M&S P12
M&S P12A
M&S P12B
M&S P12C
M&S P91
M&S P99A
M&S P114
M&S P134
M&S P1

Test Materials

We offer a comprehensive range of testing consumables including:  

   - Makeweights (Ballast)

   - ECE and IEC Detergents

   - Shrinkage Templates and Rulers

   - Marking Pens

   - Programmes for Wascator

   - Tumble Dryer