ProMace and ProView


Mace Snag Tester

We believe the James Heal ProMace to be the safest, most efficient, accurate and repeatable mace snag tester available anywhere in the world.

It is designed to rapidly detremine the snagging resistance of robust apparel and furnishings fabrics and is compliant with ASTM D3939 (Mace), JIS L 1058 and VDA 230-220 standards.

The ProMace has many features which offer significant benefits to the user.  These include specific design, intuitive controls which aid conformance to the standards and importantly, features allows the users to undertake the testing in total safety.

The ProMace is complemented by ProView, the Universal Assessment Cabinet.  This ensures the grading process is easy and efficient, through the use of pre-loaded photographic assessment images, accessed via a 7" touchscreen.

Benefits of ProMace

Repeatability and Accuracy - aim when designing ProMace was to significantly improve upon the repeatability and accuracy of the mace snag testers available in the market.
Suspended Mace Ball Holders - The mace balls are stored in non-contact mace ball holders, which in contrast to other instruments, are designed to remove the risk of pin damage.
Reduced Threat of Pin Damage - The unique design of the cylinder length on the James Heal ProMace offers a significant reduction in the threat of the pin points breaking.

VDA Compliant - When used in combination with IMAT- UVE mace balls the James Heal ProMace is compliant with the standard of the VDA, Verband der Automobilindustrie e.V., the German Automotive Industry Association.
2 x Roller Configuration - The vertical 2 x 2 configuration of the Mace Snag Tester has a smaller footprintin comparison with other instruments of this type, offering a saving of over 50% of your valuable laboratory bench space.
Removable Cylinders - The sample holder cylinders are removable, which makes he fitting and drying of the felt sleeves and the mounting of samples extremely easy.  This further improves the efficiency of the testing process.



Intuitive to aid Conformance

The UniController, which is located outside of the safety guard, enables the user to control all aspects of the test in a simple and intuitive manner to aid conformance and minimise training time.

It is extremely intuitive using a "Push-Rotate(PR) Selector" which has two main modes of operation:

    • Push to Start, Select or Enter and
    • Rotate to cycle through the options

Using the PR Selector the number of Revolutions can be edited quickly and efficiently.

To ensure the test results are not compromised, time periods can be set for:

    • The inspection of Points
    • The change of Points and
    • The change of the Felt Sleeves

At the end of a test a blue LED illumination will pulse on and off to indicate the PRoMace requires attention.

ProView Assessment Cabinet

Simple and Efficient Grading

ProMace is further enhanced with ProView, the Universal Assessment Viewer.  ProView make the grading process easy and efficient with access, via a "swipe" of the integrated 7" touchsceen, to pre-programmed photographic assessment images.

In additional to images to assess the results of mace snag testing; ProView also has pre-loaded images to grade other test methods including Martindale and SnagPod.

The photographic assessment images pre-loaded into ProView, which can be used to grade results from various test methods, are listed below:

- ASTM D 3939 Mace snagging (9 images).

- Snag Pod; BS 5811:1979 & M&S - Woven (5 images), BS 5811:1979-Single and Double jersey.

- Martindale : SM50 for woven fabrics - Martindale (20 images).

- Pilling Box : SM 54 for knitted fabrics - Pilling box (20 images)