TruRain - Water Repellency Tester


Water Repellency Tester

TruRain is an artificial rain shower testing instrument for determining

the water repellency of textiles.  It is designed with precision in mind, 

to reduce inconsistency and improve the accuracy and repeatability

of results.


Automated Shower Guard
TestWise Touch
An integrated, automated shower guard diverts the
The TestWise software is user friendly, automating
water flow before and afater each test to keep the 
the process of testing and alerting the user of when
operator dry when inserting and removing the specimens.
to grade the specimens based on the ISO Standard.

Easy to Maintain
Standard Compliance
The 304 evenly distributed nozzles, which produce rain
TruRain can test to ISO 9865 - Determination of
drops for the test, are easy to clean and maintain.  The
water replellency fo fabrics by the Bundesmann
nozzles can be primed, a process of forcing high pressure
rain-shower test.  TestWise Touch can be set to
water through the system to ensure no blockages.
warn the user when they are deviating from the


End use