New Label for Test Material

Protecting Our Test Materials & Our Customers

Over the past year, there have seen an increasing number of counterfeit test materials in the market. Although packaged convincingly to look like a James Heal product, these copies are not produced to the standards and quality controls that we abide by.

James Heal test materials are manufactured to the highest possible quality, and work within tight tolerances to meet strict standards. They also put a lot of effort into sourcing the raw materials, and controlling the conditions of production.

Counterfeits present a big risk to customers, as without these controls the consumables cannot provide accurate results. This calls the integrity of any test results from fake James Heal consumables into question.

To protect the customers, James Heal have taken steps to make the products easy to distinguish from imitations:

All Test Materials are now packaged with a James Heal hologram
The hologram has been desgined and licensed – it is quick to identify and difficult to replicated, as James Heal hold the rights to the master hologram. It acts as a sign of authenticity.

All Test Materials are now packaged with an anti-temper seal

Using a secure custom label means any attempt to enter the package is immediately obvious. This ensures the customer is the first person to open the product.

We will encourage customers to consider the following things when purchasing James Heal Test Materials:

Does the box have the unique hologram on, as pictured above?

Is the box intact with the anti-tamper seal untouched?

Has the product been sold by Introtech?

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