Industry standard tumble dryer to carry out drying and shrinkage tests under laboratory conditions.

Accudry3 is an air-vented, reverse action European Tumble Dryer, used to simulate domestic laundering conditions and conduct drying tests and shrinkage testing.

This standardised instrument ensures accurate and precise controls. Heating and cooling periods are consistently applied and exhaust air temperature is controlled to ensure repeatable conditions for every test.

Accudry complies with EN ISO 6330, meets the requirements of retailers’ specifications, including those of M&S and NEXT and is suitable for TWC-TM 31 and 254.


AccuDry is equipped with an intuitive UniController – a smart and innovative interface which allows you to programme the operation of the machine in less than three steps.

It allows the user to set the temperature, test time and cooling time, meaning each test can be completely customised to meet your requirements.

An easy to remove compartment prevents lint building, ensuring the instrument performs well.
AccuDry Standardised Tumble Dryer for textile testing – James Heal (

Weight 37 kg
Dimensions 64.7 × 59.5 × 84 cm

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