The AquAbrasion is an accurate and repeatable way of conducting wet abrasion testing on outdoor wear.

The AquAbrasion is a wet abrasion tester based on the traditional Martindale instrument. It uses a controlled pump system to dose fabric specimens with liquid which keeps the specimen wet for the duration of the test. Deionised water can be used to replicate rain, or a perspiration solution can be used to replicate sweat.

The AquAbrasion is an accurate and repeatable way of conducting wet abrasion testing on outdoor wear, replicating real life situations, such as a sleeve rubbing against the body of a garment in inclement weather conditions.

AquAbrasion is programmed and operated using the TestWise operating system. The simple system makes test setup easy with minimal training time required.

Drains built into the base plate of the AquAbrasion remove the build up of water during testing. It is collected in an easily removable reservoir for later disposal. This prevents the bath from overflowing and mitigates the risk of flooding, which means the instrument can be left to test unsupervised.

AquAbrasion retains the functionality of a 9 station Martindale, and can be used to test dry abrasion and pilling as well as wet abrasion. This means it can test to all the test methods and retailer standards that a Martindale can.

It can be set up to perform wet and dry abrasion concurrently on different stations, and can also test different liquid solutions concurrently using multiple beakers.

Weight 150 kg
Dimensions 76 × 93.7 × 74.7 cm


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