James Heal Crocking Cloth/Cotton Lawn

Use the James Heal crocking cloths and cotton lawns alongside the James Heal Crockmaster (Crockmeter) instrument as a way of assessing the amount of dye transfer following the completion of either a dry or wet rub fastness test. The fabric to be sampled is rubbed under controlled conditions against the white crocking cloth. The subsequent degree of colour transfer is then evaluated via the use of a grey scale, as a method for evaluating staining and is then graded. Supplied by the meter or crocking squares (cut pieces) – 5 x 5 cm with straight or curled edges.


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James Heal

James Heal is the market leader in the design and manufacture of precision testing solutions and support services within the global textile industry. Their products are developed by testing experts, for testing experts, and remain at the forefront of testing innovation. We have been their agent in China and Hong Kong for 25 years.

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