Perspirometer and incubator

A perspiration and phenolic yellowing kit for testing the colour fastness of textiles to perspiration and yellowing.

The Perspirometer from James Heal is used to determine colour fastness to perspiration, cold water and sea water. It is also used to assess the potential of textiles to yellow.

The Perspirometer is a steel frame that contains plates to hold specimens with a predetermined pressure in line with the requirements of ISO and AATCC colour fastness standards.

Perspirairon fastness testing is carried out by immersing specimens in both alkaline and acidic solutions. It is recommended that separate units are used to prevent cross-contamination.

Acrylic separator plates are used for colour fastness tests and glass plates for phenolic yellowing tests.


The Incubator complements the Perspirometer. It is a low-powered oven designed to provide uniform temperature. There are two sizes available (30 litres and 60 litres). The Incubators are designed to maintain temperatures in line with the tolerances specified in colour fastness and phenolic yellowing tests (37C and 50C respectively).


Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 66 × 12 × 23 cm

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James Heal

James Heal is the market leader in the design and manufacture of precision testing solutions and support services within the global textile industry. Their products are developed by testing experts, for testing experts, and remain at the forefront of testing innovation. We have been their agent in China and Hong Kong for 25 years.

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