Spray rating tester

Spray Rating Tester to test the water repellency of fabrics using a ‘shower test’.

The James Heal Spray rating tester is an instrument for evaluating the ability of waterproof fabrics to repel water. The stainless steel test instrument features a spray nozzle mounted on the neck of a funnel. It allows a specified volume of distilled water to be sprayed onto the test specimen, and its spray rating is determined by comparing the appearance of the specimen with the required standards.

Easy to load
Machined assembly specimen holder – convenient and quick to load with your specimens.

Fast & accurate
AATCC Spray Test Rating Chart with graded photographs to determine the spray rating.

High precision
Spray Nozzle ensures the water flow complies exactly with the standards.

Built to endure
Stainless steel framework with integrated funnel.



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James Heal

James Heal is the market leader in the design and manufacture of precision testing solutions and support services within the global textile industry. Their products are developed by testing experts, for testing experts, and remain at the forefront of testing innovation. We have been their agent in China and Hong Kong for 25 years.

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