Taber Abraser

Widely used to evaluate a material’s resistance to wear and abrasion, for quality and research purposes.

Versatile and easy to operate abraser
Easy to operate, the precision-built Taber Abraser features a rotating turntable and two abrading wheels to test a variety of materials for abrasion resistance including textile fabrics ranging from sheer silks to heavy upholstery and carpeting.

Choice of two models – single or dual specimen turntables:
Model 1750 – Rotary Dual Platform Abraser
Model 1700 – Rotary Single Platform Abraser

Model 1750 features two specimen turntables, allowing you to perform two tests simultaneously (test two different or identical specimens for comparison or contrast). The touchscreen interface allows you to set different test parameters and operate the specimen turntables independent of each other.

Features include:
• LCD operator touch screen
• Quick release wheel mounting hub
• Critical components easy to operate
• Compact abraser arm assemblies
• Direct flor vacuum nozzle with precision height adjustmentTaber 1700 Abraser Data Sheet_v8.pdf

Dimensions 39.1 × 31.5 × 21.3 cm


Taber Industries

Founded in 1941 Taber Industries is best known for its expertise in abrasion and surface wear test instruments. Taber also offers solutions to measure resistance to scratch, mar and scuff damage; along with bending resiliency and stiffness.

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