Colour fastness and thermal stability tester (scorch or sublimation tester)


For textile laboratories, dyehouses and finishers, the James Heal Thermaplate offers full flexibility, enabling users to test colour fastness, sublimation fastness and thermal stability for all known retailers and international methods on the same instrument.

The size of the hotplate on this scorch tester (210 x 210mm) allows for standards which require a larger sample, for example M&S P10 yet is still space efficient and only occupies a small area of laboratory bench space.


When designing the touchscreen James Heal worked closely with users and their textile technologists to produce an intuitive touchscreen that makes the Thermaplate very easy to operate. Set-up is intuitive and navigation is quick, which ensures the set-up of a test is simple. The familiar feel of a touchscreen is similar to devices used everyday to ensure minimal training.

The top and bottom plates are independently controlled and can be heated separately, suitable for standards such as ISO 105-X11 and AATCC 133.

The specimen platform is useful for assembling composite specimens and for the quick removal of hot specimens ready for efficient testing of the next specimen.
A timer is activated by pressing the start button on the touchscreen once the lid is closed and the plates are at temperature or automated when the lid is closed.

The following testing consumables are available to complement your Thermaplate instrument:

1. European Multifibre

2. American Multifibre

3. Woven Felt

4. Cotton Limbric

5. ISO Grey Scales for Colour Change and Staining

6. AATCC Gray Scales for Color Change and Staining


Weight 15.9 kg
Dimensions 58 × 36 × 43.6 cm

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