Wascator CLS

The standard reference washing machine for textile laboratories to determine shrinkage, dimensional stability and appearance after washing.

The Wascator by Electrolux is universally regarded as the standard washing machine tester for textile laboratories. Typically used to assess shrinkage and appearance after washing, the Wascator complies with European standards as well as various retailers’ test methods. The precise speed control and the high accuracy of the bath temperature and waterfilling helps to ensure companies can adhere to the relevant European and International standards.

The instrument is designed to conduct various testing including the measurment of shrinkage and spirality during washing and preparing test samples prior to abrasion, pilling and flammability testing.

The Wascator is designed to be continually used within a wet testing environment. The high-grade stainless-steel drum and panels guarantees a long lifespan. The suspended drum construction allows for a high extraction force, redistributing pressure during a wash cycle to minimise strain on the instrument.

The Wascator complements Accudry, the standardardised tumble dryer from James Heal.


We offer a comprehensive range of testing consumables including:

– Makeweights (Ballast)

– ECE and IEC Detergents

– Shrinkage Templates and Rulers

– Marking Pens

– Programmes for Wascator

– Tumble Dryer


Weight 195 kg
Dimensions 69 × 72 × 131.5 cm

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Electrolux is one of the world's largest appliance manufacturers both for the home and for commercial applications such as laboratory test houses. The Wascator is the commercial washing machine widely used today.

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