Calibration & servicing

We provide calibration, maintenance and repairs services which are critical to ensure accurate testing and long-term performance of the test instruments we supply.

Certificate of calibration

Our service engineers will provide valuable advice whilst they undertake technical maintenance, and will also supply Certificates of Calibration following their visit.

An experienced team

Our experienced team of calibration and service Technicians can help you protect these investments now and in the future through proper calibration and maintenance schedules. This cross-discipline team includes textile technologists, hardware and software engineers, mechanical and instrumentation engineers, test and calibration experts and installation and maintenance technicians.
James Heal calibration certificates are accepted by accreditors and James Heal/Introtech Service Technicians are certified to conduct calibrations of other manufacturers’ instruments.

Reliable Calibration

Ensuring that measuring instruments are properly calibrated is critical successful standards testing. An instrument that does not read accurately and does not provide repeatable tests can seriously compromise the integrity of quality control and quality assurance documentation, and destroy confidence in measuring results.
Investment in regular instrument calibrations performed by Introtech service technicians can help you guarantee the reliability of your testing throughout the instrument’s lifetime.

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